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The Dinky Dublo Bedford Flat Truck. This truck was one of the first Dinky Dublo's introduced in December 1957 and shown on the back of that months Meccano Magazine. Designed to carry Hornby containers. advertised in the June 1959 Meccano Magazine. Advertised in the August 1958 Meccano Magazine for 2/-.

The significance of the Bedford flat truck to the initial launch cannot be over-emphasised, because its flat-bed matched the scale and size necessary to fit the detachable freight container of a D1 low-sided wagon of a Hornby train set. The one piece casting, which made-up the Bedford lorry came only in grey, with smooth grey tyres. Later versions had treaded tyres and some had a hook at the rear. The model was withdrawn in 1966.

Dinky based their model on the Bedford D series, 5 ton, long wheelbase truck, which had a 4,927 cc Bedford diesel engine. In 1957, the actual lorry cost around £1,370, excluding tax.

The original price was 1/9 . It was available in grey, red & yellow finish at 00 scale. Released as Dinky Dublo 066 in 1957 withdrawn as Dinky Dublo 066 in 1966.


no base


Made in England


cardboard box

Vehicle make:


Vehicle model:

D series

Vehicle type:

flat truck


black plastic wheels with tread, grey plastic wheels with tread, smooth grey plastic wheels


no windows

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